How do you guys program when you don't feel like it especially for school? I've fallen a bit behind in my classes and the programs are really easy to write but they're time consuming to do and sometimes (most of the time) I honestly just don't feel like doing them. How do you get yourself motivated?

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    The fact that im paying lots of money to be here and my parents would kill me if I just dicked around with the excuse of "I just didn't want to do it" as my explanation for failing a class.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 It genuinely does. My parents were always on my back in highschool. Constantly on top of me about making good grades. I'm now at school an hour away from them and they have no legal right to discuss my grades with anyone at the school. The freedom is fantastic.

    If I fail classes they'll make me go to a college 20 minutes from home and make me live with them. This freedom is too good to give up over being a lazy ass.
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    It's like any assignment, it might be easy, but it's not going to feel easy when I've got 10 other things and exams to study for so I'd better just do it now.

    Also, a beer can help.
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    @Puff I saw someone crack open a beer as they walked out the class after they took their last exam ever.
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    @jhh2450 I have my last exam of the year tomorrow and now I'm strongly considering doing this.
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    @Puff Saw the same person shotgun a beer after the first exam that semester haha. It's hilarious
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    @Puff that's pretty much it and then I think I push it off because it's easy and then I end up just either forgetting about it or not doing it
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    I'd hide a couple of easter eggs in the software.
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    I met a guy in my school who was the best of the school : I mean, he jumped over the first two years of the school (and he started from scratch, he never had programmed before).

    I went to ask him how he got enough motivation to make all the two years projects in one and he told me something that made me understand why he was so good : "I'm fucking lazy, so when I code, I code something that I would use for a very long time, tools that will be useful in next projects".

    By doing this, all he had to do in end-year projects was to assemble what he already had done to make the program. He had perfectly working tools that were awesome. So, he never had to work more than 10 hours a week after doing this.
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    No other way but just do them. That's the only motivation
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