It's how my co-workers and I quit,
When the incompetent COO joined the previous company I worked for (my previous rants contain stories about him)

Five of us from a seven people team found better jobs (salaries and company wise)

Walked up to the CEO and handed the resignations one after another, stating our reasons for leaving

COO's face was like a coin that got run over by a train

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    @StefanH oh yes

    Just got the news another one of our original team members is leaving this week, which makes it Six out of Seven.
    Seventh one can't leave cause he's the son of the CEO

    No one in the whole company received bonus for year end and new year, even the newly hired people are leaving within weeks

    In a way I feel bad about the company, but hey, they made the bed, now they'll have to sleep on it
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    I had an experience like this, but it was the CEO that was incompetent.

    When I left the company, I was the only engineer left.
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