Some of my working colleagues occasionally forget to lock their PCs even though they're told to, so a while ago I started opening YouTube videos or image galleries of Nicolas Cage on their desktop so that they learn.

One of them is very resistant to it though and left earlier (it's Friday and he will be back at Wednesday) without locking or shutting down his PC.

So this time I flipped his display, set Shia LeBoef as his wallpaper with a dia show also featuring Nicolas Cage, Ryan Gosling and Daniel Radcliffe and set Nicolas Cage's face as his cursor image.

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    'Use windows explorer/Windows 10 equivalent is called This PC to navigate to "Local Disk (C:)>Windows>Cursor". Make a new folder for your custom cursor set, and drop it in. This should not be compressed in any way, i.e. it should be just a regular folder with the .cur files in it, not a .zip or .rar. You should have at least the basics, like the resting cursor, hovering over a link cursor, etc etc, not every single arrow is required to make it work.

    After it is dropped in, hit the start menu, then settings. Type "cursor" in the find a setting bar. Pick "Change how the mouse pointer looks" and it will give you a pop up with a new menu.'
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    Ahahhah perfect
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    @CriticalFailure That would overflow to 15000% complete over the weekend though.
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    @CriticalFailure sweet!
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    @Meta fake update actually starts loading backwards after a while I believe
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