I shall not be limited by the boundaries that they have defined for me! I shall break free from these chains and transcend my internal barriers!
I shall earn my freedom!

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    Thats what I call a very bad projector setup...
    Do all presentations need to have a black bar around them to look normal in that class?
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    @WIPocket not in my case. I just found this online :)
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    @WIPocket this looks more like a painted arrow as a joke.
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    mouse pointer!s power
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    Or photoshop.
    Would be badass to actually hide a second projector and put a script in the computer that pulls the cursor away and shows it up on the other projector...
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    cursor: *in Ultron voice* “I have no strings on me...”
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    Quick! You can get it back, just set up some click bait!!
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    Animator vs Animation.... Anyone?
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    The cursor is just the first experiment, y'all won't be laughing when clippy breaks out
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    Finally gained freedom
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