Some <super smart> person ran DHCP in production lab (without disconnecting from main network and/or using firewall)
, now the admin turned all the ports off and went home.
Traffic gens are also unavailable now so are upgrade servers.
Result: I can't run my work over the weekend and the reports are expected on Monday.

Not so bad : I'll run on Monday.
Bad part : This fucking shit takes 2 days to do everything on the rack.

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    At least you don't have to worry about it until Monday!
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    I'dve preferred to get ir done with, as the code will automatically test the shit out of the rack and by Monday devices would be free.

    Now I've to sit through the week and the racks will be busy. Thus delaying new development.
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    Well, the admin is either lazy or doesn't know how to set dhcp trust on a Cisco. Letting the dhcp pass through and affect the rest of the network (I'm guessing he was pissed about that) it's all on him.
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