Me: I have admin rights
Windows: Looks legit
Me: can I delete this folder ?
Windows: Nope

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    delete computer :-D
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    You shouldn’t have asked.
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    sudo rm -f ... Oh wait. Windows.
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    Install Linux. windows problem solved!
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    windows can gtfo forever
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    Windows: nope
    Windows: yea well f**k you that’s not good enough
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    Me:take control of this folder
    Windows: ok here you go
    Me: now can I delete?
    Windows: oh god no why would I let you do that?
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    same problem on linux.
    sudo lsof folder
    kill -9 offending process

    you can do the same on windows, using powertool64, or processexplorer.
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    I found out this week that admins be default don't have permission to delete the Windows.Old folder on your C: drive when you upgrade which is the exact same permission you need to clear the Docker programdata folder on win server .
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    I hate this bug. I was able to pinpoint it though. It seems that if you opened this dir in an open file dialog of any program before, windows denies do delete it.
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    Thats Why there is a super admin ;)

    That's why there is a default program called 'disk cleanup' that gives you the option to delete windows.old
    This is because you also need to clean up register. It's the same thing as uninstalling a program, you can't / should not delete it by just removing the folder from 'program filles'
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    Fuck it. Change CMD to the sticky executable. Log out. Press shift 5 times. >explorer.exe

    Delete whatever you want while having a really odd GUI.
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    That type of tech who install a VM ... Reboot ... And dont remember is password 🤦
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    Mac logic:

    *try to delete file from time machine backup*

    Permission denied

    *sudo rm-rf /path/to/file*

    Permission denied.

    Wtf amirite
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    @reset--hard would it lot be rm -rf for folders 😋🤣
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    @RantSomeWhere if none commented this, I was going to. But nice of you to do it earlier
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    I'm running into this on a server, and I hate it so bad.
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    Two Words: God Modd
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    "Delete this folder."
    *Windows whirring*
    "Sorry I can't delete it, there's a file in there that's in use."
    "The hell there is!"
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    You have to first take ownership, then give yourself permission. Lookie here: https://windowscentral.com/how-take...

    And all of that still doesn't help if it's locked by another program. Or ten of them. I just put a batch file into autostart then that deletes the file and hope that that's enough.
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    Billy is that you??
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