Me: I have admin rights
Windows: Looks legit
Me: can I delete this folder ?
Windows: Nope

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    delete computer :-D
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    You shouldn’t have asked.
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    sudo rm -f ... Oh wait. Windows.
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    Install Linux. windows problem solved!
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    windows can gtfo forever
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    Windows: nope
    Windows: yea well f**k you that’s not good enough
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    Me:take control of this folder
    Windows: ok here you go
    Me: now can I delete?
    Windows: oh god no why would I let you do that?
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    same problem on linux.
    sudo lsof folder
    kill -9 offending process

    you can do the same on windows, using powertool64, or processexplorer.
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    I found out this week that admins be default don't have permission to delete the Windows.Old folder on your C: drive when you upgrade which is the exact same permission you need to clear the Docker programdata folder on win server .
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    I hate this bug. I was able to pinpoint it though. It seems that if you opened this dir in an open file dialog of any program before, windows denies do delete it.
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    Thats Why there is a super admin ;)

    That's why there is a default program called 'disk cleanup' that gives you the option to delete windows.old
    This is because you also need to clean up register. It's the same thing as uninstalling a program, you can't / should not delete it by just removing the folder from 'program filles'
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    Fuck it. Change CMD to the sticky executable. Log out. Press shift 5 times. >explorer.exe

    Delete whatever you want while having a really odd GUI.
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    That type of tech who install a VM ... Reboot ... And dont remember is password 🤦
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    Mac logic:

    *try to delete file from time machine backup*

    Permission denied

    *sudo rm-rf /path/to/file*

    Permission denied.

    Wtf amirite
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    @reset--hard would it lot be rm -rf for folders 😋🤣
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    @RantSomeWhere if none commented this, I was going to. But nice of you to do it earlier
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    I'm running into this on a server, and I hate it so bad.
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    Two Words: God Modd
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    "Delete this folder."
    *Windows whirring*
    "Sorry I can't delete it, there's a file in there that's in use."
    "The hell there is!"
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    You have to first take ownership, then give yourself permission. Lookie here: https://windowscentral.com/how-take...

    And all of that still doesn't help if it's locked by another program. Or ten of them. I just put a batch file into autostart then that deletes the file and hope that that's enough.
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    Billy is that you??
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    Admin rights on windows don't give you full access to your system like on unix-like systems. Your admin user can't change directories owned by higher users with more permissions. You'd have to run your program as SYSTEM with all privileges enabled to go somewhere similar to root.
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