I'm on the verge of breaking this shit Windows based work laptop (Dell, so called i5, yes it's outdated but still) with idk what.
15 and a half mins since bootup and I've not been able to access Microsoft Outlook.

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    Clean the shit then, and dont blame Windows for it.
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    @Linux tried everything on it.
    And not blaming windows.
    Some serious non sense with GPO and stuff running that I can't quit.
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    You have an SSD or a spinning one?
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    @Linux @rant-ninja
    Anything I do, it gets flagged and I'm off the network.
    I can live with it for the moment as it's just an email machine.
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    @Linux Spinning 5400 rpm 😵😵, with a faint cranking sound. Had put in the request earlier but you know paperworks etc.
    This is also adding to problem.

    And it runs a lot of *******" in the back. Hence the behavior.
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    @Linux I agree with your point.
    OSes aren't bad (*conditions apply), users (*and/or maintainers) are.

    At least I can rant and lower my bp. :)
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