got 4 wisdom teeth pulled thursday, and i've been without solid food for 3 days


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    Narcotics I hope a bit? Saved my butt when mine were yanked.

    ...and the fine folks at Mickey D for milkshakes. :)
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    Haha, I feel you
    Since I have a small mouth, I looked like The Joker for weeks :X

    Be brave, it should be over soon, then you can eat whatever you want!
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    @allthingsinmod i've got s9me oxycodone, ibuprofen, some antibiotics/ anti nausea pills
    i just miss the food
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    You're supposed to be eating tons of ice cream.
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    When I had mine out my mom made me super finely ground beef burritos every day, which helped! You should be able to have a little solid food 🙂
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