React native little quirks are a pain in the ass

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    All that shit is a pain either native or GTFO.
    Not against them but I think they are still early to adopt.

    Unless someone has a different experience. To me I didn't like it.
    As for webim more into liking Vue honestly. Though I still need to test it on a big project. I'm not facing issues in react though. But Vue feels faster compared to my sample project in react.
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    @gitpush Do you use weex?
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    I don’t have experience with native, so I can’t compare. But all the little bugs in react native are killing me. @gitpush
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    @JeanValjean never heart of it honestly
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    @otavio Ya and that famous to be fixed in next release 😑
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    @gitpush componentDidMount will be removed in the next release. Just thought I'd let you know. (Been told since .43 now we're at .55)
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    @bashleigh why the rush :3
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