Went to hackathon @ Google HQ in NYC. Gotta say it was pretty shitty. Most people are JavaScript nerds and some code in objective-C, xcode (4-5 out of 50). The rest are chemists, scientists and general folks. Not what I anticipated when you know it's more like iOS hackathon. Anyways it was good to see the shittiest demos in my life made in less than 12 hours. We had 4.5 people working on a toilet project called "I gotta go". Public bathroom locator... One guy coded in JS, xcode and react Native. Another dude was pushing all the code to GitHub and doing backend in firebase. The third guy was making a website for no reason and then I see it's hosted weebly. He hand coded first, I looked what he is doing - just HTML tags. Thank God some organizers helped us and we had a 4 click demo with basic text and no real functionality. Plus the website who never seen. What a fucking waste of $100 and two days.

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    Sounds like you had a great time /s
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    Went to a global service jam. Same shit.
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    At least you guys wrote any code... The last two hack-a-thons I've been to involved no implementation and ended with an 'idea pitch' presentation. Both times, I was assured by event staff that I would get to write something that time. Ugggh.
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    Kids were awesome. They had some ideas of hacking access code on iPad to get to explicit content and download their games without their parents knowing about it and also designing smartwatch to switch bad dreams to good dreams especially after Halloween if they wake up after nightmares. I was crying inside of myself.
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