Do you find yourself regularly thinking about getting out of software development? What are some reasons?

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    You problems being too sedentary, posture, stress?
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    Yes here ...
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    Yes, and into investing.
    Software development is enjoyable but not profitable. I've been using a sizable chunk of my income to get started, and it's working well thus far.

    I will always code, but eventually it won't be as a primary source of income. Likely it won't be income at all.
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    I know some who are combining tech knowledge with other skills or industries but it takes time and strategy to transition from dev worker bee to the next thing. I have been in the process for two years.
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    Yes, but mostly because I’ve yet to find somewhere I genuinely want to work.

    Working for myself is kinda alright at the moment, but remote work is hard to come by, and being limited to public transport is killing me.

    It’s also not that lucrative unless you get a decent chunk of work, I might be making more per-day than most, but when I only get the equivalent of a week’s work in a month... yeah.

    The big problem I have though is that I love coding, but the motivation has to be there, and for me that tends to just be needing work to do. Personal projects just don’t provide me with the same level of motivation.

    At this stage I also genuinely don’t know what else to go into, and I feel it’d be such a waste / shame to move away from dev.

    I’m also interested in getting into investing eventually too, as I need more sensible long-term income drivers.

    The health issues are a bitch too, being an obese, sedentary, autistic gay compulsive over-eater is one hell of a combo.
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    I liked it more 15 years ago where if you knew some sql and a backend language you were good to go. I really hate front end web development.
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