The fluent design on Edge is incredible! Really tempted to switch to edge now.

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    If windows sets makes it all the way through testing, I'm switching.

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    It’s a trap!!! Don’t do it!
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    @succ sets is probably going to be one of the best features in Windows in a while. Really looking forward to it.
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    If you could add extensions without the store, I'd switch too. But I hate the store and havent downloaded a single thing from there and don't intend to change that any time soon
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    @gathurian you can add extensions without the store. I did that when I created my own extensions for edge. You just need to disable the security rule.

    There is a lot of useful extensions in the store now.
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    @succ The feature is already planned to be released in RS5 after it was in test phase in RS4 Insider builds and now it is default in RS5 Insider builds. Every app that doesn't customize the head bar is supported.
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