Assuming you're not a beginner , which language would you learn right now (or) which language would you prefer to stick with provided you already know it.

*The assumption made is to prevent comments on python cause that's usually beginners choice

Personally I want to hone my skills in rust.

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    JavaScript. I have learnt a fair deal of it, would like to be an expert in it. It liberates me to do anything I want effortlessly, i.e., if u know what you are doing 😉
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    Same here with Rust, want to really nail that one down!
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    I mean beginners aren't geniuses, but we should be able to use our basic English skills to understand this question is "What language(s) do you want to learn?" We also can have our own goals for languages we want to learn in the future.

    I want to learn C++ or maybe something like Go (I don't really know why I want to learn Go tbh).

    As for a weekend of screwing around or just for the hell of it, I wouldn't mind learning some esoteric language like Brainfuck.
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    I'd like to learn Go. I hear its pretty simple and closer to C in efficiency.
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    I am not good with object oriented and coded in c and assembly. Then I learned go and things are never the same. I do know few other languages but everytime I code in go , I fall for it more.
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    Python is a beginner choice but mastering it is the same level of challenge as any other language.
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    @abhishekb yeah just the language Google needs ... easy to code easy to learn . Hiring will become easier as well.
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    C, even i m a .net/java developer I think that it will help me to be a better developer.
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    @theNSA why would you need c with rust in your bag
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    @theNSA Ha yeah makes sense although going with love at first sight is better with languages
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