Who else has to hear the nagging from family members, significant others, friends etc... when you say your planning to get another laptop, desktop, or even a new monitor?

I swear I hear the nagging every week almost.

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    Well us devs need the best hardware! Just tell them that.. plus we’re also getting paid 90k+ so they shouldn’t worry about small things like that.
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    Wish it was that easy...they still dont understand *facepalm* last resort is to just ignore them but that's going on its last breath here.

    Them: "hello? Why arnt you talking?" And the other reply after laughing it off "no, but seriously why are you wasting money on this, you already have a computer" (me: following with a facepalm)
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    You buy new computers every week? No wonder your family is worried about you!
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    Hahaa I wish I could! They just cant get over I bought a laptop for myself during Christmas break, and now I'm considering getting a monitor for it. They believe I should only use one laptop for everything for 10+ years pr something. 🤔
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    «But what's the point of buying another keyboard? The membrane ones are nice enough!»

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    @Frederick that's another reply I have said numerous times. I bought a 2k laptop and 3k macbook....a monitor will not kill me lol they seriously dont understand 🙄
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