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    You got high school CS classes? 😱😱😱

    I got "this is a keyboard, this is a monitor, now go use Microsoft office products." Classes. 3 to be exact.

    One did give us a 2 week section of HTML but like come on.
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    @Stuxnet daamn this reminded me of my 10th grade XD we had subject called Information Technology but in that we had what you said + some little XML which we had to rote for the exam.
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    The closest thing to a computer science class in my high school is DBA which is a computer-related academy.

    I didn't join, because then I'll get kicked out of AVID, but I have 2 friends who are in DBA. I saw what they were learning and it was only basic HTML, and I don't think they're even learning CSS.

    They used scratch for 3 years, and in the last month of Junior year, they got to code HTML in Dreamweaver, but they think Dreamweaver is a programming language lol.

    I'm so glad I didn't take that class. In my school, there's no techy people at all. Most people are interested in psychology, architecture, medicine, and art.

    I don't think there are even any people who like tech in my area. I was visiting a college campus in their open house, and out of all the people that came, there were only two people interested in computer science. (Me and this one other dude.)
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    Woah a cs class in high school? all we get is IPP which is how to use basic dreamweaver and photoshop. no css or js
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    @Stuxnet lol. That's the situation for me too. Except some Microsoft applications, I didn't learned anything from them. Most of the time I don't get what they're saying when it's about programming. I got it all covered only through self learning. Maybe their method of teaching doesn't suits me.
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    We should just add a "repost from r/programmerhumor" button in at this point.
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    @IshYume me too in highschool. C++ simple stuff and some cool exercices that required a bit of dynamic programming.
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    My school blocked stackoverflow :(
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    This is so true.😂😂 Tecahers at my college only read aloud the prepared slides, and they've ONE answer to all the students' doubts - "It's the rule of the language."
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    It gets even worse:
    - "Here is your task, you have 2 weeks. You can look on my slides for help."
    - *looks on slides from 15yrs ago, most are not even relevant*.
    - Ok, I'll just google it, screw my college bills... 😞
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    High school CS teaches coding? What's for homework?
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    @sam21s I'd assume it's on the same level as an intro CS class at uni.
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