When i started uni almost 2 years ago i made a bet with myself to finish the first year without drinking even one single cup of coffee.

Right now i have realized that i almost finished my second and i drank 5-6 cups in all my life.

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    Why is this something to be proud of?
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    Maybe it is a different situation depending on culture and country, but here i have witnessed many times since high school teens simply refusing to do anything before getting some coffee, and now in college is even worse so i don't know, i feel that coffee becomes really fast at this point in life a bad habit like smoking or drinking.

    You could say i am proud to not be addicted to something so easily to get you "hooked" at this age 😃
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    Again, i might be wrong and misjudged the situation, but the most i learn about the "office culture" the more i feel like the coffee is more than a refreshener and more of a simply bad habbit
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    But then you tagged "black tea on the other hand" so it's just replacing one for the other. Like beer for wine. Sure one is fancier but both are refreshing and can lead to alcoholism.

    Just trying to understand.

    Anyway, I am happy for you that you set out to achieve some goal and actually did which is already more than most people can say.

    You're cool in my book as long as your code is readable and maintainable.
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    Doing my best to keep it good and clear!

    And yeah, i kind of gave up black tea too, now im on water and limo most of the time.. i had to get clear of instant noodle soup too and thats all, i am living the healthy american dream!
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    For me when i was working in an office going for a coffee with some of the colleagues at work was more of a social thing than anything, we would go to the cafe and for about 30 - 45 talk about random things, for me i mostly just talked about my game ideas for the other guys it was rugby lol (something of which i know hardly enough of), it was fun and i miss those moments.

    These days with coffee, i've gotten to the point where i forget to have a coffee in the mornings/just dont feel like making one and can still work as great as if i had one. Coffee for me is just about the taste now more than anything, which is why i love mocha flavoured ice cream :D
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    @f03n1x well thats a reason for me i try to choose wisely what i choose to do in breaks like this, because for example in high school as a mean to get social people often started smoking (our hs was quite relaxed on this matter) in the back of the school yard and most of them have been stuck with this 10 mins talk habit since then.. i just try to keep myself in charge of my habits, but i see what you mean and thats totally the way i want to do this social thingies, no left over habits afterwards
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