Just created an account to say screw you AWS Cognito and your credentials voodoo !

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    *screw = fuck

    Can't agree more! & Welcome to devRant!
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    I am currently dealing with that shit. And I acknowledge your frustration. Can we Bitch together ?
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    What's wrong with Cognition? Just started implementing it and it's simple, intuitive and well documented so far
    Also Just Works (TM)
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    How do you replicate this userpool in case you need to add an attribute to the users (or for any other reasons)

    * how do you migrate user out of cognito.

    * how do I replicate cognito across region (say I have lambdas running in Europe, Americas, Aisa.

    * How do you merge user identities with different email address (say user signed up with email password and wants to add his Facebook account, which has different users

    * my colleague working on app says iOS sdk for cognito is shit.
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    I mean, you have to create a new userpool in case you need to add an attribute, how do I do that if my existing user pool already has sizeable amount of users?
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    Cognito is all good and well for small user base and hello world kind of application.
    It works out of the box for such use cases.
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    @theElectron all good points I didn't thought of so far
    I assumed user pools where cross origin out of the box, since it states I don't have to deal with that kind of things hehe
    So accessing user pools in Europe isn't possible with lambdas in America?
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    @Kimmax It is (I would be damned right now if it isn't, so I pray it is). But it will add delay it i am not wrong?
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