I swear that some people in StackOverflow are there just to downvote others...

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    At least you don't get this:
    > First time poster posts an extremely easy to answer question
    > You answer
    > Comment: thanks, it worked
    > Leaves the site forever
    > Never accepts answer
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    @vityavv still not a valid reason to downvote, this person could be a newbie on stackoverflow
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    @Mba3gar never said I downvoted. Also, you seem to have missed "leave site forever".
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    @vityavv got your point
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    That's why I stopped asking questions on SO long time ago
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    @rEaL-jAsE sometimes I visit codegolf.stackexchange.com. It's really fun but they have **extremely strict** moderation practices. So imagine these two scenarios:

    Spend an hour on question
    I misread it

    Spend half an hour on question
    Go to post answer
    Question closed

    Both of which I've been caught in before
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