hey ranteros! i like to dream and i know many of us dream of a nice machine to do anything on it, if you want to post the specs of your ideal build(s) (even a laptop, pre-built pc, space gray macbook pro... doesn't matter). and your current one.

here's mine:

ideal: {
type: desktop-pc,
cpu: intel i7-8700K (coffee lake),
gpu: nvidia geforce gtx 1080ti,
ram: 32gb ddr4,
storage: {
ssd: samsung 960 evo 500gb,
hdd: 2tb wd black
motherboard: any good motherboard that supports coffee lake and has a good selection of i/o,
psu: anything juicy enough, silver rated,
cooling: i don't care about liquid cooling that much, or maybe i'm just afraid of it,
case: i accept any form factor, as long as it's not too oBNoxi0Us,
peripherals: {
monitor: 1080p, maybe 1440p, i can't 4k because of the media i consume (i have tons of shit i watch in 720p) + other reasons,
keyboardmousecombo: i like logitech stuff, nothing fancy, their non mechanical keyboards are nice, for mice the mx master 2 is nice i think, i also don't care about rgb because i think it's too distracting and i'm always in darkness so some white backlight is great
os: windows 10, tails (i have some questions about tails i'll be asking in a different post,

i think this is enough for ideal, now reality:

current: {
type: laptop,
brand: acer (aspire 7736z),
cpu: pentium dual-core 2.10ghz,
gpu: geforce g210m 2gb (with cuda™!),
ram: 4gb ddr3,
storage: hdd 500gb wd blue 5400rpm (this motherfucker stood the test of time because it's still working since i bought this thing (the laptop as it is) used in late 2009 although it's full of bad sectors and might anytime, don't worry i have everything backed up, i have a total of 5 hdds varying from 320gb to 1tb with different stuff on them),
screen: 17 inch hd-ready!!! (i think it's a tn panel), i've never done a test on color accuracy, but to my eyes it's bright, colorful, and has some dust particles between the lcd and backlight hah,
other cool things: dvd player/burner, full-sized keyboard with numeric keypad, vga, hdmi, 4 usb ports, ethernet, wi-fi haha, and it's hot, i mean so hot, hotter than elsa jean and piper perri combined,
os: windows 10, tails

if you read this whole thing i love you, and if you have some time to spare on a sunday you can share your dream rig and the sometimes cruel current one if you dare. you don't have to share them both. i know many will go b.o.b and say "what you're hoping to accomplish, i already did bitch.", that's cool as well, brag about your cool rig!

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    my laptop is something i got back in december of 2009, used, for approximately $400, everything i know today i learned with this laptop, from music production, to code that needs refactoring, to graphic design, to editing, , and oh... to english, i mean i watched a lot of shit in english as a kid but i didn't really speak any until i got my laptop, the internet was wild to me at that time (as an edgy teenager), and i'm really grateful for getting this thing, because without it i would've probably been a dumber person than i am today (or maybe just not as self-conscious of how dumb i am).
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    My dream rig (extreme):

    Cpu: Ryzen threadripper
    Gpu: nvidia tesla v100
    Ram: 64 gig
    Motherboard: Lots of IO
    Storage: 2 1tb samsung ssd and 4 raid 10 hdd.

    My dream rig (reality :p):
    Cpu: ryzen 7 1700
    Gpu: nvidia gtx 1080
    Ram: 32 gig
    Motherboard: enough IO
    Storage 1tb samsung ssd and 2 tb hdd

    Luckily I have an omen laptop 2017 so I actually dont really need a desktop.
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    Check some M.2 SSD! You'll drool in front of the read/write speeds!

    My next config is very close to what you wrote, but prices being what they are, everything is momentarily on hold.

    (Seeing 32GB of RAM at 500€ is way too much for me)
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    2GB RAM is enough for daily uses.
    Drop some intel i3 there with 128GB HDD. PUURRFECTTY
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    I recently built a machine with nvme for its storage. Aside from the fact that the performance absolutely blows SSD out of the water, it's great not to have any cables to deal with to connect it. I bought a 500GB WD nvme disk about two months ago for just under $200 US.

    I cannot recommend it enough.
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    The ideal dev environment is the one that works and doesn't spontaneously combust.

    At least that's the way I like my machines.
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    @TobyAsE "Dude, flames are the new LEDs! Throw in some alcohol for blue flame or boric acid for green."
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    Ideal rig: a basement full of poweredges and a chromebook to access them. 😁
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