Headphones on, in the zone, deep into some heavyweight logic, blissfully unaware of the office surroundings.

Get tapped on shoulder. "hey, I've finished that easy task a deformed amoeba could have done. Want to see?"


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    Still trying to explain to my boss the benefit of headphones but he just doesn’t get it, meanwhile in the warehouse, customer service and order processing departments people wear headphones... it’s a fucking piss take lol
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    On the bright side he has told everyone in the company they are not allowed to email, phone or come to our desks so not all bad I guess
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    @gruff @TheGrandYeti I understand the need to be able to focus and work without interuption. Especially when you're getting interrupted for useless crap like: 'look what I did'.

    However I think people that are to extreme in this, e.g. always wearing headphone and can never be interrupted or bosses that forbid informal contacts, are just arrogant idiots. (to be clear, I'm not saying you are those people)
    Informal contacts are what make a team. And I find the informal route can often be used to get certain things done alot quicker than official channels/meetings.. For a while we've worked with 'flags' on our desks. Red meant don't interrupt right now. I liked it untill it was abandoned because some colleagues left it at red the whole time.. Again, arrogant fuckers..
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    @osiris1337 haha we had talked about something similar with lights that go on the monitor. It’s not that people can’t talk to us they can, they can record an issue and if support think it is relevant for us it will be assigned on. We’re only 2 developers in a non IT related company but we still have projects that everyone expects completed yesterday. It is more about making people understand that an interruption when we’re balls deep in a project costs the company money for something that can generally be worked out themselves if they put some excel skills into practice
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    @osiris1337 completely agree. It is important to be a team player and to be communicative.

    It's just difficult in a busy environment when focus is so important to have people understand where conversations need to happen now, or could wait until later.

    Everyone has different priorities at different times. Sometimes though, a bit more understanding of where other people are at, in that moment, would be good.

    I like the idea of some sort of indicator, but you're right, it is open to abuse, which ultimately undermines the whole process.
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