Telstra and Vodafone Australia have released unlimited data plans for mobile.
With a base of40GB for $69/month and 40GB for $60/ month respectively.
When you go over the limit, it then throttles you to 1.5Mbps max.
It's a start, better than charging you heaps for going over, but they still have a way to go...

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    Ooh 😯 I’m so checking this out.
    Will happily accept 1.5Mbps over $10/GB.
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    Tell them to Come to Australia, our telcos are far behind the times, but to see semi unlimited mobile plans is unbelievable, even if it’s $60/ month
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    I think you will love this jio plans in India.
    The thing is after you cross daily limit it sucks.
    But still they are giving cool benefits with data.
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    In Italy there has been a ISP war this fall. Good thing I managed to get a 30 GB/ 7€ / month. I can't even reach that limit, anyway after that I'll still get unlimited 56Kb speed.
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    Then again, here in murica we have to pay $15 for 1 gb over, or pay extra for an "unlimited" plan where after you use the same amount as you used to pay for, you get throttled to 256kbps
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    Whoever came up with data caps deserves a kick in the balls for each GB of data consumed in the world.
    And who the fuck accepted buying into them?
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