When your ISP tells you they will transfer your internet connection to your new house in one month and they give you 10GBs on your mobile phone.

And I'm like "Ummm okay, this might be enough for a day or so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

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    I use almost exactly 300GB of data on my desktop every month, so yeah 10gb is about one days worth.
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    @olback I also use an average of 300GBs only on my PC so 10GBs is just a bad joke...
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    Same here. I am currently at 40gigs and 200€ for extra mobile data plan. I am currently moving 2 Blocks to a main street in a big German city. I told 1&1(ISP) 2 months ago that I will move but the called me 2 days before I moved out that the telekom staff must take care of it. THE ONLY FUCKING ONE THING HE HAS TO DO IS CONNECTING 2 WIRES!!! telekom will send a guy in the last week on January. -.-
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    Still struggling without internet... Meh :/
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