Look what I've just found in the attic haha
Still working!

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    Nice! I've got an Atari ST knocking around somewhere. Boxed, but not in as good condition.
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    That is awesome
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    Wooohhooo...long, long ago....reminds me on nice days where we were gaming after school for hours
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    Love It! I've got three of them (Amiga 500, Amiga 500 plus and Amiga 1200) but all with broken floppy disk 😢
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    @Stez What seems to be the problem with the floppy? Could just be a simple head reposition + some new lubricant. Worst case scenario, you have a few belts to replace, but that’s also pretty simple. I’d look into some videos on how to repair old floppy drives.
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    @Jesuszilla I will surely do look into some YouTube video and try to repair my floppy drives!! Thanks for the advice!
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