Job offer listing: "IT Specialist"

"Personality prerequisites and skills"
- "Programming in MS Excel"

How do you even put programming and excel in one sentence??!!

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    One word:macro
    They are written in VB script
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    VBA master!

    using excel and clicking cells is one thing, automating the fuck out of excel to the point you only press the “yes” button on the save confirmation is another!! (I really need to solve that part 🤔)
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    Just no... use a proper programming language and proper software for the job
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    @D3add3d sometimes, excel is that tool 😂

    Not every dataset needs to be extrapolated into a database, queried numerous ways, character replacement (for sanity) and field merging, numerous calculations across multiple fields and potentially sheets / workbooks just to output a .. oh yea a spreadsheet at the end anyway.

    Fuck that, I’m just going to do it in excel and press a button and bam it’s done.
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