Hey guys!
Well, two weeks ago I was hired as backend developer. I am the only one with macbook. The company use docker for development... On Linux, there is no problem. Docker is up in like 5 sec. But on my mac, it takes like two minutes and refresh like 20 sec. Our front end with macs has same problem. Have anyone expirience with docker and mac? ❤
Thanks a lot!

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    Docker on the Mac runs as a VM and not not natively you can assign more resources which may help a little
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    One option is to point your local docker client to a remote Linux docker host instead
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    I read about docker sync or something like that, but there were some comments about "freaking up" whole system. But thanks for response! :)
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    Never heard of docker sync but use docker on win Mac and Linux. The otter thing to watch out is losing all your images when docker updates on mac
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