copied a code for android from stackoverflow and it worked
edited the code no more works
removed the code and pasted the original code from stackoverflow and still doesnt work
clean and build and now the code starts to work

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    What happened with me I wrote a code it didn't work. I copied the solution code which was given with a tutorial and paste it without editing anything didn't work and I am stuck for 3 days on the same project 😡😡😡
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    you need to start reading the logs and errors and understand what and why it is happening
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    Java happend.
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    although I am happy apple is moving to swift, IMO android is the one who seriously needs a new natively supported language right now
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    that's android studio for you 😄
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    @andenq the problem that gets solved by rebuilding your project has nothinf to do with java code that he wrote. Its the build system that's the culprit here
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    @DavidKevork are you using instant run? if so disable it, there are a lot of bugs in it, most of the time it doesnt take in code changes at all
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