My dream Job Interview

Today I was interviewed by my dream company to work at. I'm still in school and it's an apprenticeship for computer science.

I had to develop a program, on a flip board which finds equilateral triangles. I was given a few points with coordinates on it and should think of something. I didn't get halfway through it.

Does anyone think that this is to much for an 17 year old still at school?

I'm so concerned that they don't take me because of this challenge.

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    Depends, if the line of work is finding optimal ways to cut material then having some sort of intuition or the correct mindset to solve problems of this nature is absolutely critical. I don't think they were too concerned whether you knew how to do it, they were probably more interested in how you approach the problem. Whether this the correct level of difficulty is at their discretion, there is no one size fits all in situations like this. You gave it all you could and there is no more you can do, I would suggest you focus on the job hunt now. Good luck.
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    Maybe they just want to see how you try to solve the problem and how you think and work. Often it's no problem in an interview when you didn't solve all tasks in time.
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    i went through a "transition" class, bootcamp, "thing" at my work and someone gave me a similar test for understanding of a specific language

    the main thing it seemed like it was for was psychology - not your grasp of code. the guy told me he made grown men cry with that test before. (he was nice, not pressuring or anything)

    did you freak out? did you admit what you didn't know and show adaptability or willingness to learn new things?
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