This post is stole from 9gag. I didn't watch infinity war till now. I don't know what that mean with Thanos but I liked it. So i wanna share it on devrant :/

This will kills your RAM.

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    Pssst *whispering*
    Pssssssst *whispering louder*
    Do you want to know what happened in infinity war climax?
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    @mohammed He is a 9gag user. He knows already....
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    And half of your apps
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    Rant types are a thing, arent they?
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    Literally half the universe dies, there saved you a ticket...
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    Downvoted as spam for miscategorization.
    Next time when you post a new rant: Select the fucking post type, which would be "Joke/Meme", not "Rant".

    On another note, I can run all of these simultaneously.
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    @filthyranter I see your comment... Im proud of you...
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