advice: while learning a new programming language either do not be proud of your first accomplishment or do not look for solutions of other fellows afterwards.

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    Why shouldn't you be proud? wtf
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    all this inadequacy!
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    My proudest moments are jumping into the deep end of a new language, framework, library or whatever and dragging a working feature out of my ass and deploying it. Regardless of how bad it is, if it’s working it’s beautiful 😍
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    @C0D4 drop more salt into my wounds 😅
    i still struggle remembering the simplest functions. while i sure am happy it works as expected the setback comes with knowledge of having forgot about input validation and these kind of mandatory things. i'd like to apply best practice right from the start so my python doesn't end in the same mess as my php 😉
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    @erroronline1 don’t be afraid of mistakes or a mess, just know you can “usually” come back to it later and clean it up.
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    update to whom it may concern:
    the code samples of the pydroid app are even less validating the user input than i did in the first place. some faith in me restored 😅
    i am aware these have just the purpose of easy and short examples.
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    @erroronline1 For the mandatory simple stuff, code you've written in the past help out with that.

    I try to implement stuff the best way I can figure and research currently because I know in the future I'll come back to it.
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    @Hu-bot0x58 absolutly true 🙂
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