Has anyone in the devrant community built a progressive webapp?
If you did can I see it?

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    Not me, but interested if anyone has
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    Read that as aggressive webapp 😄
    Really need more coffee.
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    @teganburns one hacker boiii
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    I am terrible at UI design and this is more like a 'regressive' web app that I made. It also has the ugliest looking interface you'll ever see. I developed it early last year for a pharmacy retailer to help with his stock and inventory management. As I was only learning AngularJS at the time, I did it as a starter project to gain more experience.

    I am not at all proud of it. There are so many things I would do differently if I did this today.
    It is not responsive in any way and is a sloppy mess.

    But in all of its glorius shittiness, it kinda gets most of the jobs done. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite me some day in the future.

    Demo here:
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    @oneinazillion13 that looks awesome with black theme
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    @litesam126 The client had been using a DOS based program up until then. Being used to a black screen, he sort of forced me to use a dark UI.

    Everything you saw in there is just:
    Bootstrap + JS + PHP and nothing more. It functions exactly like a desktop app. Only a bit slower, I guess.

    P.S : you can get that theme for free from bootswatch.com it's called 'darkly'.
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    Developed one for a company. They are very interesting. Not able to show you since it is for the company but I have some pointers if you need them.
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