PSA: kali linux is literally just a debian with extra preinstalled software. You aint hot shit cause you use kali. You aint hacker cause you use kali. You can do the exact same shit on any other distro what doesnt have a 4gig live iso. Shut the fuck up.

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    *Uninstalls Kali while crying in corner *
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    [Ubuntu intensifies]
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    But Mr. Robot uses Kali...
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    PSA: Gparted live is literally just Debian with preinstalled software..
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    BlackArch repo on top of Antergos
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    But at least Kali can break itself pretty easily.
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    @LabMember003 > antergos
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    Damn, peep that shade.... Lol #facts
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    @senzory and you're WRONG 🐦
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    I installed kali linux and performed twin tower attack.

    LOL one of teacher password are short form of the college name :').

    Few of them could be engineered by putting a teacher daughter name ( which was found thanks to zucker's FB).

    I still can't believe what i could crack some many hashes with rockyou.txt and some facebook leaked passwords and name from indian users along with hashcat and jhontheripper with little or no configuration at all.

    Wish people were more aware of why they need a secure password :Guy Fawkes mask:
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    PSA: Ubuntu is just Linux with GUI and preinstalled packages. Using it doesn't make you a tech wizard. 😃

    There... now we are paitently waiting for Arch Linux users, to show us the way :)
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    @arekxv arch is just Linux without any shit
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    NO! You are wrong! Whoever installs Kali immediately joins the cult of 1337 h4x0rs! I.M.M.E.D.I.A.T.E.L.L.Y.!

    Don't argue and don't give me a reason to install Kali! I know your nickname!

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    T H A N K S.
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    @netikras hack me pls IP:
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    Yay !

    Juste another post to say that install kali doesn't make you an hacker !

    Juste like some many that i have read since i'm on this site (approximatly one Week).

    Still Don't understant why everyone say the same thing again and again, is there seriously so many people who tell they are roxor because they install kali ?
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    @jhfLinuxGuy That's it! You're going down!

    -- user disconnected
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    PSA: GNU/Linux is just a Kernel with some pre-installed tools. Using it doesn't make you a... ehmm, hacker?
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    @LabMember003 yeah that is mine setup too 😎
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    It saves the time of setting up everything.
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