My programming teacher told me we need to solve problems using functions. Theoretically, main is a function .-.

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    Main is a constructor smartass
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    Well, he said function*s* (Plural), which means that you need at least one other function besides main
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    @Krokoklemme Shhhh. Let him do everything on the main thread.
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    @zemaits I never said anything about threads, but ok
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    @Krokoklemme we have a dual where we live, so i'd technically need at least 3, since he used plural.
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    If you want to technically use functions without actually writing them, have your code write C code, compile it with gcc, and run the resulting binaries.

    Or, you know, use inline assembly. I did that in my 2nd year computer science class 😊 Which pissed off my teacher to no end. Semi-related: my nickname was "ASM" for a few years...
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