IKEA is basically building from source.

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    at least they give you a decent README
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    Looks like I inspired you to post this haha ;)
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    @Null-Device the manual is only for when the binaries don’t go together correctly. And you made a chair instead of a table.
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    @Skayo Yep, I wanted to mention you, but after posting I went to get a coffee, and forgot :(
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    Not a problem
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    Wanted to mention @Skayo but he noticed it anyway
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    them swedish meatballs thoooooooo
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    I actually made a table from a board that was meant to be a wall of a wardrobe (I guess) and 2 filing cabinets :D All bought in IKEA, just not used the way they were meant to be used
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    @Null-Device I would call it merging XD
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    @Null-Device I'd fork ur repo 😏
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    @CrashOverride the last thing I bought from ikea had a README that felt like it was written in 🧠fuck instead of markdown
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    More like docker or kubernetes
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    Building IKEA stuff always takes so much longer than I had expected. It's like fucking compiling Gentoo from scratch.

    I replaced the roof of my house, including ceramic rooftiles, plywood plating, beams, installed solar panels and insulation -- it took about 4.5 days.

    Meanwhile, the wardrobe I got from IKEA in februari? I'm halfway done... I still have to put two doors in.

    Most of their stuff doesn't last long either, I walk around like a mammoth, all the furniture feels like cardboard.

    And their meatballs are pure filth.

    The area with the colored balls and the slide is cool though, although they keep kicking me out.
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    I don't remember chopping down a tree when assembling my Ikea bed
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