Had to put something on my notebook to indicate the front and the back...
So I just slapped a DevRant sticker on it I had laying around :3

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    Now you own a... DevNote.
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    Your keyboard looks... Familiar. Code keyboard? Cherry MX clear?
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    @BennySama DUDE!?

    Now I can never tell people it's just a regular notebook again XD

    @encore Nope and Nope :3

    Coolermaster Masterkeys S (Cherry MX Brown)

    I used to use a Logitech G810, but the keycap pins broke and are stuck in the switches so replacing em isn't easy (they send me a complete new one and I could keep the old one :D now looking for donor switches to replace the ones with the stuck pins).

    I still have it 100% new in the box (the new one, old one is laying in it's original box), but don't use it, since I'm in love with Cherry MX Brown <3
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    @BennySama Told the joke to my gf... she didn't understand, saying it sounded like "deathnote"...
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