Short sorry: How I left the university.
I was working already.
Every morning I was getting a bus to go to the university. My job place was on the way to the university, so every time when I was passing by the office I was thinking about all the things I can do at job, then, simply, I was getting out of the bus saying to myself: fuck that knowledge that university gives. I want to practice.

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    You feel like 'omg I don't need this shit' most of the time at university but it teaches you how to be an engineer. It gives you a vision. I know there is many incompetent lecturers exists but you can overcome their incompetence with your own researches. Practise is important too but you will have too much time to practise after you graduate. Also practising is much more effective when you have strong background in computer science. IMO computer science education is important and is a must.
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    @hack I’ve never stepped a foot inside a University, although uni does give a good theoretical ideal behind CS with the right uni / lecturers.

    But personally I can’t say it’s as important as people tend to believe.

    The way I see it, you can either do the work or you can’t, a piece of paper won’t prove that either way.
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    @C0D4 not suggesing you and this post is wrong but just take uni as a temporary, you can practice how much you like after that. Also imo I worked while taking uni, so after graduated and getting used to getting tired from both of them. I still have more energy after work and go practice some small project at home
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    The real problem I foresee is that your current company might die and than you only have experience: here in the Netherlands usually you need that stupid piece of paper proving you are 'worthy' of your position. In case it is a big cooperation, when they have to reorganize they might let you off because you don't have that piece of paper management likes to see..

    My point is, what is your (long term) backup plan?
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