Group Project
1.Make a slack Channel.
2.Make a private repo
3.Give everyone access to do anything.
4. Wait for people to talk and commit code.

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    Now that I can DEFINITELY relate to.
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    Had a dude who was tasked to create the UI of an Android app. He exported a PNG from Photoshop and dragged invisible buttons over it.
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    1 huge tip: if you own the repo make it impossible to push to master but only have PRs. Was one of the best quick-fixes my team did because at also forced code review and more communication (sort of).
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    @nikmanG Nice tip!
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    @W3D3 actually not the worst idea I've ever heard. I suck at design so it'd be way faster and easier to just make the interface as a picture and then all you need to do is move buttons.
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    As long as you don't include

    - meet in person
    - talk and discuss

    2 steps in that flow, it will still fail in actual business world.

    Tools are not the process.
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