The SIM card saga goes on:
To verify yourself, you need to go to some postal office and show them your ID and stuff. Not that this is complicated or anything (well actually, it is. Welcome to 2018 in Germany. We use more papers than potheads for the simplest shit), but you need to have a valid ID. Valid as in NOT EXPIRED. What the fuck. Why does my ID expire. Do I stop existing 3 years after getting it? What does it mean if it is, why is it culpable to have your ID expired. And who gets charged for having none, I mean obviously my ID doesn't identify me anymore?
What the hell man. I don't exist for 6 months now. Am I law free as not identifiable entity or how does it work?

And now the real question:
We got something called Bafög in Germany. Basically you get a bit money while studying. (I still work tho, I don't get really much from it.)
To apply for it, you need some tax number, which seemingly can be seen as a proof of my existence and my identity.
Why is this enough, why don't I need a valid ID there?

Germany is weird man. On the one hand government is all social and you get help if you need it but on the other hand you need to sacrifice 17 virigins to apply for said help..

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    The tax number and the ID equally identify you, but the tax number is normally for identification for money/business-related stuff and the ID for the rest.
    Your ID expires, because sometimes the goverment wants to change the ID and only gradually give the new ID out or if you die the ID will, because of the time expiration, someday expire and not just continuing to be able to use. You still exist and you are still identifiable through your birth certificate.
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    If the expiration it’s every 5/10 years, it’s understandable. You might not change name, birth or whatever but your appearance could
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    @cabrasm oh, now that makes perfect sense. Totally not thought about this.:D
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