Hello devRant, it's been a while. For anyone who has been following my... situation, here's a little update.

I moved back home to Kansas City, Missouri. Staying with parents for now.

I had to leave my daughter in Los Angeles, which was hard for me... but i can't provide for her living in my car.

I also got divorce papers in the mail from my wife. And I have a lot of court battles coming up to get custody of my daughter so she can live here with me. It's a long road ahead.

On the plus side, my parents took me camping and we kayaked the Little Niangua river! I hadn't gone camping or floating in at least 10 years. It was very relaxing.

At any rate fellas, enjoy and appreciate the good times and the people in your life. You never know when it'll all go to hell.

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    did you get the right to see her?
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    @stop She took me to court to get a restraining order against me. The judge ruled in my favor and gave me unsupervised visitation, but i have to be in California to do that.
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    thats an good basis for the future.
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    Damn man, that's harsh. I hope it gets better.
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    @fuck2code Yep, life's a bitch. My advise: be very fucking careful who you marry. For example, if she's from california, has a sense of selfish entitlement, is a liberal moron, and acts like an SJW... don't marry that one.
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    I hope it gets better.. That holiday looks cool tho!
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    @Gogeta70 the second I marry a sjw that's not me anymore. Anyways, good luck man!
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    @fuck2code Lol well, she only picked up the feminist, SJW attitude about a year ago, so I didn't see it coming :P

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    @MrWouter Yeah, it was a blast! I hit a fast part of the river with a tree laying across almost the whole river. I ended up dumping over in my kayak trying to miss the tree... gotta love surprise swimming!
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    Damn man, sounds horrible! On the bright side, you can still see your daughter and that's awesome! Good luck and may the odds be in your favour.
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    Dam' dude. I hope shit figures out for ya.
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    I know court and everything is not fun but I wish you luck in gaining custody of your daughter! I know its tough not being in Cali with her but I'm sure everything will work out! Especially with you already being granted unsupervised visitation with her. Best of wishes, good sir.
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    May the force be with you.
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    Life is a bith and then you marry one. Anyway, things can only get better now :D
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    That's awful!
    I how things go better for you.
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    I lived in KCMO for 14 years. I miss it a lot.
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    Really sad to hear mate!

    Hope things will pick up soon, but sounds like you've got a good family to help you out.
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    May the force be witg you. I hope it gets better for you because that just sad.
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    @bahua Yeah it's nice to be home :)

    @lxmcf Yeah, I consider myself lucky. There are other people out there less fortunate than I am.

    Thanks everyone ^_^
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    I'm not sitting in some ivory tower keying this. But I can only tell you that when I was young an older friend of mine told me [I was going through a relationship's last gasps] that the only out of it was through it. & that it seemed like it was forever, but it would end. Take care.
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    @bols59 Yeah, It's part of being an adult - face your problems head on.
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    @Gogeta70 Just don't ever, ever, give in to other peoples' fuckery. If you do, then they've won.
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    Hey, if Don Chalitos [sp.?] is still there, go out for some good Mexican food!
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    @bols59 Yeah, I can't argue with that. Also, I don't like Mexican food very much :P
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    @Gogeta70 sorry to hear about your situation. But, on the bright side, that picture looks like Paradise! Fantastic scenery, must've been awesome! Here's for the best 🍻
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    @wannabee Thanks ☺
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