Published a well documented and tested API with project examples for basic use cases

- "Yeah we didn't use yours because we didn't know how to use it"
- "Did you look at the documentation or code examples?"
- "What where?"
- "In the repo you just cloned"
- "Yeah no <random guy> found a hacky way of doing what we want, his thing just works"
- "I..."

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    It just werks
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    I hate that. The whole online dev community is going "document your work!!1" so you do. In come the leet haxors who go "I don't want an API, I want the whole data yada yada" or "I didn't read the docs, I inspected the calls to this other rando, closed and unsupported API". GRMBL.
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    @freakko Yeah and the worst thing is this was an internal project, I designed it to be used by other teams with performance, maintainability and flexibility in mind. A month worth of work for potentially a significant amount of time spared by its callers but hey, let's not even consider it. Infuriating
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    @RemySphere I'm sorry to say it but money talks muh dude, the ones making the decisions ain't coders or people considering code maintainability and flexibility, they are there to make some money and go home and if they find a way to deal with less new stuff to learn/read/try the faster they'll take it.
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