Admin: "Wait, I noticed unusual traffic."

Me: "What is it?"

Admin: "Looks like we have a bot here."

Me: "A bot? Didn't know we are so popular."

Admin: "It makes constantly login requests through our API, it already surpassed 600.000! I will ban it right away."

Me: "wait, that just sounds like my bot.."


When there is bug, you don't know of, it can end up quite embarrassing.

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    Well, that needs fixing :D
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    what was the bug that lead your bot to do that?
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    @JoshBent There were two essential bugs, I knew them both before I even uploaded the bot, but I thought I fixed them already.

    The first bug happens on startup, that sometimes without reason it just opens two sockets, which is impossible because they would technically override each other. They then cause each other to crash and reopen forever. I fixed it by restarting the bot if this happens.

    The other bug was that sometimes the socket crashes while logging in, I'm not sure what causes the crash, so I fixed it by disabling the socket if no connection seem to be possible.

    Apparently one of the bugs was not fixed, most likely the second one. I think it is due to an invalid login token, which didn't get renewed, but then again, why would the bot crash instead of throwing an error?

    Hope you wanted such a detailed description. ^^'
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    @cave thanks for the detailled answer! 😊
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    @cave "sometimes without reason" = you need to investigate your code more and not accept these things, everything has a reason
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    @stevemk14ebr why? I thought I fixed both bugs, it worked perfectly fine while I tested it on my PC and I was quite happy with the solution I came up with. The problem is that the bot probably doesn't renew the login token correctly after it expires, but I hadn't taken a deeper look into it, because the admin told me that we'll change the whole API anyways and I will have to start from scratch again.
    Additionally it doesn't have to be my fault, that it opens two sockets for apparently no reason. I use a third-party library for websockets and it is really bad written, but the best library I found..
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    You rant yourself! That's new.. Haha
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    Hehe, seems your admin is doing a good job :)
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    Dig deeper here.

    You may find your admin posting a rant on you
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    Throwback to when I took my friend's website down and used up their request quota because they made an idle game and I automated it in the browser console but forgot to await any of the fetch calls.
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