When the API is not documented.

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    Lol, I'm tempted to try it, but I'm too scared
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    Well, if connected properly it -could- function. I prefer the method "If it looks stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"
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    @corjaantje well, the devices on the other side needs to be able to handle those 220 V of alternate current (once I tried for fun, the explosion was nice). Also, I don't think the cables are double insulated 😓
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    Duck typing
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    Isn't that like, fucking dangerous?
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    Connect to the source
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    I see you are listening to AC / DC ? =P
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    new way 😂
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    @TRiGGER80 You don't happen to be from Gothenburg, Sweden?
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    Been there, done that
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    I remember plugging my headphones into the power bar(turned on!) because I wanted to listen to music 😂😂😂
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    Me trying to switch json object structure to make the API work just because what is on the documentation does not work 😂😂
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    @typodeaf Sorry for the late reply! Sorry, no, i am not from Sweden. I am from germany. But i like gothenburg style swedish Metal ;-)
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    @TRiGGER80 Except for their great melodic deathmetal export, the Gothenburg:ians (this is not a real word) are known for their good dad puns 😎
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    "I'm in."
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