TL;DR: Stop. Hating. On. Ads. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. "No one likes ads"
I love seeing *good* ads before I watch a YouTube video. Or I looked up videos that YT recommended because they sounded fun and they were fun:
- Coke - Hey Brother is an amazing and touching short film
- Fressnapf (="food bowl") had an incredibly enjoyable "things you didn't know about cats" video I clicked on purpose and it was good.
- I found JetBrains through ads (free for me, student perks. But tbh I use atom)
and I could name more.

2. What are the alternatives?
I know there are some non-profits and that's cool but you wanna be paid in your job, right? So ads are why Facebook (I know, Facebook isn't enjoyed here but), YouTube, stackoverflow, etc. Wikipedia asks for a few million dollars of donations each year because they don't run ads. Smaller businesses can't do that really. Hell, even codepen has a "sponsored" section. Imagine you would have to pay for all of those services.

3. "Manipulation"
isn't a bad thing unless you abuse it. I manipulate you when I say that I love codepen in the same way an ad does. No one forces you to use a product or watch an ad (you can look away and often times skip).

4. Adblock
What if everyone did that? Adblock blocks happened a while ago and the war between adblock and ad-senders is still ongoing. The moment you see an ad, you are using/watching etc something which the creators thought is worth making money off. If you don't think so, leave the site. I am an adblock user but if the site politely asks me to disable it and I enjoy the content - I will disable it with pleasure.

5. Targeted ads
Yes. The internet is a huge data-crawling piece of shit. But there are many more questionable or even dangerous ways of data-harvesting online. I am glad to see ads I like and not the ones my sister might like. Some services allow you to disable personalized ads. Or use vpn if you really want to.

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    I block ads by default, because of the sites that overuse them and to find out if a site uses an adblockerblocker. If the site has ads that aren't intrusive and doesn't force you the ads and I like the content I whitelist the site.
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    Preach brotha!

    People need a practical reminder, that when they block the good ads, the bad ones remain, or the free internet just stops existing entirely.
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    @AlexDeLarge ow that cute.

    Btw, check out this awesome site:


    advertising :D


    Love ya too
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    @BambuSource Sure let's make frontend shit again and if we are going that let's also reduce internet speed and please return you smartphones. Frontend advancing != No Fun Sites
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    @FilipeRamalho isn't my site. It's just a fan-fiction to geocities and I like the idea
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    Ad networks don’t always vet their submissions so laboriously either... Drive-by downloads are a regular occurrence
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    @RantSomeWhere good arguments. But not every platform, every game, every product can have such a supportive success. Making something paid limits the group using it like really fucking much. I prefer seeing an ad (I can politely ignore) at the left of my page in order to view the page without any costs.
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    @AlexDeLarge I'm being sarcastic, sorry dude
    It's okay to -- if you have another opinion, lol
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    Wait till you see a Tai Lopez ad
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