Every Group Project in CS Major
Group 1:- Hey group 2 what project are you making ..?
Group 2:- Can't tell , Top Secret

Group 1:- Railway Ticket Booking System
Group 2:-Railway Ticket Authorization System

Evaluators :- I think I saw similar idea somewhere....😂

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    Which is why our professor verified the topics the groups worked on
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    Which college are you from? I am from RVCE, and doing internship project! So no problem with idea :).

    If examiner troubles you just day that the stuff confidential
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    @sak96 Hi..I am graduated...it's just an incident I saw while we were in 1st or 2nd year..don't remember excatly..😂
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    Which college in. Bengaluru ? I will graduate this year
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    @sak96 nahh.. From Noida...I work in Bengaluru...😊
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