A handy password tutorial for you guys!

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    Just remember not to use "correct horse battery staple" as your literal password. :)
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    @HollowKitty thats the default password at old company laptops which people can use when their pc break down.
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    Problem being, most websites have stupid requirements. "You must have a number in password" "you must have special symbol". It's so annoying when that isn't even the right way to increase security. Pretty sure devRant does this too
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    @qdsp13 I guess adding special characters on top of a high level of entropy will further disrupt the time it takes a dictionary based attack to take to breach a password?

    Probably excessive but I'm definitely not a cyber security guy 😅
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    @qdsp13 True because usually people will go for a simple way.
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    @BashouT yes, and an emoji even more
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