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Finally got a macbook..I was SO sick of stupid windows!!

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    @RantSomeWhere exactly
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    @RantSomeWhere i had installed linix alongside windows..but had to default to windows since i gamed a little
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    @Pokeforbuff Now that gaming is out of the question, you're free to do it :D
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    @Jilano yeah..i could..but the thing is i hated windows so i installed linux as well..i dont hate macos, i love it.
    But lets see..in the future maybe :D
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    Nice ! The best os IMO
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    Get iterm quick. The new slide down with transparency on is slick as hell.

    Tried to replicate it on my linux machine at home but it's just not as good :( I like my stuff to look good dammit!
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    Mfw when someone complains on Windows and then buys a Mac
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    @neodite Seriously! I love a great UI too..will do that
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    Stack Overflow sick? Never heard of that disease.
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    Lucky you. Mac, i feel, is the best OS. Hits middle ground really well
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    I like macOS a lot!
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    I have a MacBook Air and a Windows PC, both have good qualities. Always loved the easy trackpad gestures on MacBooks when I didn't have a mouse.
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    @OkayDev yeah..i have also heard that macbooks have good trackpads..whats all the fuss about?
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    @Pokeforbuff They are larger than most Windows based laptops, and the sensitivity is very responsive. Click any where on the trackpad with one finger for left click and 2 fingers for right click. 3 finger and swipe left or right basically replaces alt+tab on windows and 3 finger swipe down reveals all open windows. Workflow without mouse or multiple monitors is greatly increased by the abilities of the trackpad imo.
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    @OkayDev nice! Thanks..even more excited now
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