Anyone else missed a train because they were reading devRant?

I only just discovered this site yesterday, downloaded the app for the long commute home, this was my first mistake!

Sat on the underground (subway for the Americans) chuckling away to myself and/or relating to the rants. Completely missed the fact I had long passed my stop to change.

I had managed to go 5 stops before I realised, jumped off the train and ran to the next platform just in time to miss the tube. When I did finally get to the mainline station to catch my connection I got there just in time to see my train pull away from the platform...

30 minutes later I'm on another train on the way home, trying to thinking of a good excuse to tell the better half! In the end I was too busy reading devRant to come up with anything.

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    Welcome to the community!! :)

    Not yet, but so many times been so close to forget to get into the train, waiting on a bench reading devRant and not noticing the train has arrived
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    Welcome to devrant!

    I stand in the position of train's door and when the train arrives the crowd actually pushes me in 😂🔫
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    @mohammed Good plan, just need to find someone to sit next too who gets off at the same stop, as they barge past I know it's time to get off :D
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    @rustyfox or make an app that identifies the station name announcement and alerts you!
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    @teganburns what app?
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    Deference to Americans is not really necessary on devrant, as the majority of users are outside the US. I'm American, but I'm well aware the proper name for the Tube is the Underground.

    Also, only one American city calls its rail system the subway.
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    I've read it on Devrant at least 2 times, and I've experienced it a couple of times myself 8)
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    I missed my station once. So we are in the same boat :)
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    I read devrant when i missed my train. ;)
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    i've missed multiple busses, every time i go out too late just because i used devrant while taking a shit. 💩
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