Funny, I just said to myself "Of course, the developer does it right. anyone else doing it differently is simply wrong" on how to pronounce SQL.
Yet, when it comes to gif, I totally disregard the developer.

I guess I have to either start saying "djiff" or stop thinking that whoever invented something gets to decide it's pronunciation :D

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    To me, the hard “g” in “gif” makes more sense, because “gif” stands for “graphics interchange format”, and it’s how the “g” in “graphics” is pronounced.
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    @thealex I think the same way - they chose that acronym because of the peanut butter "jif", though. And the developer said that it's supposed to be a soft g, i.e. djiff

    Reminds me of gerrymandering, where gerry actually comes from the name and is still pronounced falsely...
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