So apparently this is an official company in the UK

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    Someone tried an SQL injection 😂
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    Wonder if they do security testing
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    Feces they forgot the "'" before the ";"
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    I like them already.
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    The great thing about this is any company pulling that DB for marketing purposes is likely to not protect against SQL injection from a cronjob
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    Nice try! 👍😂
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    @meowth I had not even thought about that lol, poor random dev trusting his government's data :p
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    Be a really good name if it specialised in infosec!
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    "Hey, could you test our security?"
    "Sure! Just start by making an account for our company"
    "you're welcome... let's hope you have a backup"
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    i see Bobby Tables has grown up and became a business owner. good for him!
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