How long do you guys code everyday?

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    some days 0

    some days 20

    and hai
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    Was doing for 13hrs..
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    Some days am lackadaisical, some days I'm on the keyboard from 8 morning to 3 AM next morning..😁😁 it depends
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    Depends, a good day I can get 8-10 hours if coding done but I also find that The most productive times I program for 2-5 hours after which I might as well take a break since quality starts to drop.

    And 3 productive hours beets 10 hours of grinding.
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    Anywhere between 1 hour on a lazy day and 8 when a project deadline approaches. Any more than that and my brain shuts down and the code goes only backwards.
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    5-6 meters
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    i mean, a lot of ppl always think about sex but...
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    Pretty much as long as I’m awake, which is quite a lot considering my insomnia that gets way out of control when I don’t have my medication.

    I code both at work and in my spare time.
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    TL;DR 2-3 hours on a bad day, 8-10 hours on a good day.

    Whenever I'm not in total zombie mode, I'm usually more productive early in the morning and late and night. In the midday I have college to work on so I take that time to think about how I want the project to work.
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    Around 5 to 6 hours a day. More when I work on my personal projects.
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    I feel 6 hours of writing code to be the most optimal.
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    Usually About 4 to 8 hours...

    Or a fantastic day, fantastic project, fantastic mood; 18 hours 💪🏻💪🏻
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    Was coding last 5 hours but I stay no coding for like a month or so as well. 😓
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    Until my laptop freezes.
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    It depends . I am mainly ecm project manager and dev, which means that I develop custom modules when needed. Besides I’m also the sporadic dev guy. So sometimes I do code for 8-12 hours a day, sometimes I don’t code for weeks
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