Okay this is my first time posting on this site. I've browsed it (definitely not in class) and the community looks beautiful, so I'm going to just kind of slide in here. Anyways this is the part where I use my caps lock button and type lots of naughty words I guess...

<rant type = 'school'>
Our programming classes are fucking DISMAL uuugh... Okay so we have four technology classes: Tech Exploration, Coding 1, Coding 2, and Intro to CS (a 'high school' level class)... So this means a fuck ton of kids in programming classes, mostly because I WANNA MAKE MINCERAFT AND BE A KEWL BOI LIKE GAME DEV BUT I'M ALSO A FUCKING IDIOT AND WILL NOT LEARN ANYTHING YAAAAAAY but that's a mood and so there's a fucking tidal wave of dumb kids in these classes. So right we're dealing with like 80 kids per class period. Sorry if I'm repeating myself but there are a FUCKTON of students. Now, we have... wait for it... ONE FUCKING TEACHER. ONE. I fucking swear this district does not give a SINGLE SHIT about possibly THE SINGLE FUCKING MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT WHYYYYYY... Okay so the teacher is kinda overworked as fuck lol. She can't really teach eighty kids at once so she mostly gives us exercises from websites but when she can she teaches us shit herself and actually knows a good bit about her field of study. She's usually pretty grumpy, understandably, but if you ask her a good question that makes her think you can see the passion there lol. So anyways that's a mood. Now at the other school it's even worse. They have this new asshole as a teacher that knows NOTHING about ANYTHING IT IS SO FUCKING REDICULOUS OH MY UUUUUGH... THEY STILL DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A FUCKING LOOP IS LIKE OKAY YOU'VE BEEN TEACHING PROGRAMMING FOR A YEAR AND YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE TEACHING IT AT THAT DISTRICT SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD AT LEAST FUCKING TRY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU... so he just makes them do shit from a website and obviously can't do half of the shit he assigns it's so fucking sad... I swear this district is supposed to be good but maybe not for the ONE THING I WANT IT TO BE GOOD FOR. Funny story: in elementary school once I wrote down school usernames for people I didn't really know and shared them a google doc that said "you have been hacked make a more secure password buddy" etc etc and made them the owner and these dull shits report it to the principal... So I'm in the principles office... Just a fucking dumb elementary school kid lol and the principal is like hAcKiNg Is BaD yOu ShOuLd NoT dO iT and I'm like how did you know it was me... so he goes on to say some bullshit about 'digital footprint' and 'tracing' me to it... he obviously has no clue what he's saying but anyways afterwards he points to where it says last change made by MY SCHOOL ACCOUNT... HOW DULL CAN YOU FUCKING POSSIBLY BE IT WAS FROM MY ACCOUNT THAT LITERALLY PROVED THAT I DID --NOT-- 'HACK' INTO THEIR ACCOUNT YOU DUMB FUCK. Okay so basically my school is a burning pile of garbage but it's better than most apparently but it's GARBAGE MY GOD... Please fucking tell me it gets better...

okay lol that was longer than I thought it would be guess I just needed to vent... later I guess

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    Be glad you even have classes in the field of CS.

    My "computer classes" include the following:
    • How to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Windows Movie Maker
    • How to use Access, Excel, and there were a few others, but the class pivoted and became a lot easier.
    • Mutlimedia - we played with paint, Photoshop, movie Maker, audacity, and spent like two weeks on JUST HTML (not even CSS).

    So yeah, at least you're getting something... I had nothing.
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    @Stuxnet That is... something... *virtual hugs* at least we all have access to the option of lowkey browsing Wikipedia/Stack Overflow/this site in the back of the class but that class sounds abysmal lol.
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    @collinb1000 I actually appreciate the Mutlimedia class. It got me interested in HTML.

    That lead to JavaScript. Then back to HTML and CSS. Then back to JavaScript with the focus on websites.

    Now I'm learning Python in college lol.
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    @Stuxnet Funny how we get the most out of classes that teach us possibly the least... My whole road started with a 30 minute demonstration of Scratch at my elementary school and then I started fiddling with Python after a dumb hour ish class/demo thing lol.
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    @collinb1000 Well I thought all programming was as easy as HTML. Holy shit was I wrong. I bought two books about C++. Did the first bit of exercises and closed the books...never opened them again lol.

    I quickly realized that whoever recommended C++ as my intro language was a lying sack of shit. So I heard JS was easy. I moved to that. In reality, Python was where I should've went, but hindsight is 20/20. 🤷🤷
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    @Stuxnet As long as you're learning...

    Also C++ as an intro language... That's a fun time right there...
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    @collinb1000 It made me cry that day. I was already pretty pissed off, and it wasn't making any sense. I got frustrated and then it turned to pissed off. I got so pissed I actually cried a bit lol.

    But I'm working with HTML, CSS and Python regularly. Hoping to pick JS back up.

    (I got bored a few weeks into initially learning JS. I stopped learning anything for a whole year or so. Then I tried to pick it back up my senior year of high school, but I got too busy to do it. Now Im trying to freelance my first website.)
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    @Stuxnet C++ isn't that bad of an language to learn as your first language it would teach you way more about programming, types and constructs then JavaScript would.
    That being said yeah if you want something easy to ease you in to programming it wouldn't be my first pick either.
    Besides if you really want to become a polyglot C++ is where it'd recommend you'd start.
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    Can I get a tl;dr? :D
    Also welcome to devRant!
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    @D3add3d Is it just me or does this site hide the edit button after a post stagnates for a bit? I'm glad to join this community. :)
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    @collinb1000 you can only edit for 5 minutes after posting and I think it's 15 minutes if you are supporter :)
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    @D3add3d Thanks for the explanation! I'll defo include TL;DR's in future posts but that means I'm waay too late for this one :/.
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